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Non-Admitted Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance

Lawyers who have certain risk profiles or practice in specific areas may find it necessary to consider non-admitted lawyers’ professional liability insurance.

Solutions Driven Underwriting for Harder to Place Law Firms

Attention, esteemed insurance agents! Are you ready to tap into a goldmine of opportunities while providing top-tier coverage to your legal professional clients? Look no further! Our Non-Admitted Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance is the game-changer your clients have been waiting for.

Alta Pro is proud to be able to partner with Republic-Vanguard Insurance Company (an AmTrust Financial company, rated A-(Excellent) financial size XV by A.M. Best) to offer program members quality non-admitted, non-standard Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance.

Our Non-Admitted LPL Program Is Available In:

Why Partner with Alta Pro Insurance Services for Non-Admitted Coverage?

As an insurance agent, you know that understanding your clients’ unique needs is key to offering them the best solutions. Our Non-Admitted Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance empowers you to meet the diverse and specialized requirements of lawyers, opening up a world of benefits for both you and your clients:

Tailored Coverage for Niche Practices

We know that every lawyer's practice is one-of-a-kind. Our non-admitted insurance allows you to craft custom coverage that aligns precisely with your clients' risk profiles and practice areas. Offer them comprehensive protection that fits like a glove and sets them apart from the competition.

A Gateway to New Markets

Expand your client base by venturing into unconventional and emerging practice areas. Our non-admitted insurance enables you to cater to lawyers with unique legal approaches, giving you an edge in untapped markets.

Limitless Possibilities for High-Value Clients

For attorneys dealing with high-value clients or cases, our non-admitted coverage goes beyond standard policy limits. Empower your clients with the financial security they need to take on significant legal matters.

Embrace High-Risk Opportunities

Legal professionals often find themselves venturing into high-risk practice areas. With our non-admitted coverage, you can confidently support clients working in securities law, intellectual property litigation, environmental law, and other complex fields, without the fear of coverage gaps.

Consistency Across State Lines

As your clients' practices grow, they may take on cases across multiple states. Our non-admitted policies provide consistency in coverage, allowing your clients to take on new horizons with confidence.

Tailor-Made Solutions, Enhanced Loyalty

Customize coverage options and endorsements to match your clients' exact needs. By providing personalized solutions, you strengthen your relationship with your clients and boost their loyalty.

Crisis Event coverage

  • $25,000/50,000

Disciplinary proceedings

  • $25,000

Loss of earnings

  • $1,000/10,000/25,000

Subpoena coverage

  • $20,000

Automatic 30 day ERP

Free death or disability ERP

  • Retirement from private practice, after only three years with the company, and no age restriction

Pre-claim assistance

Clear duty to defend intentional acts (defense until adjudged)

Independent contractors and Of Counsel defined as Insureds

Broad definition of Legal Services – lawyer, arbiter, mediator, expert witness, title agent, executor

1, 2, 3, or 5 year ERP options

Reduced deductible for mediation

Malicious prosecution included within personal injury

As An Added Benefit, Insureds Are Enrolled in Our Risk Purchasing Group

Alta Pro provides extensive risk management products and services for the benefit of our independent agents and their policyholders. Alta Pro provides real assistance in avoiding claims with a full time, dedicated Claim Repair Service. Alta Pro insureds can call or email us for advice, counsel and help in evaluating potential issues and dealing with problems or errors that might lead to a claim. The focus of this service is to provide a resource to our program members when situations arise that could lead to a claim. In addition, Alta Pro provides:

CLE Granting Webinars

Policyholders enjoy easy access to webinars produced in-house by Alta Pro and through partnerships we have with various great CLE course producers.

Claims Repair Hotline

Insureds can call our ProLink claim repair hotline to get advice about what to do before and during the claim process.

Discounted Practice Management Software

Easily manage a results-driven law firm with these discounted options for CLIO Legal Practice Management Software. A great benefit for your clients.

Tax Savings Analysis and Business Plan Development

Policyholders have access to our partner service that provides free tax saving analysis and business plan development assistance.

Risk Management Portal

We’ve built a treasure trove of risk management related articles and handouts to help your clients avoid common pitfalls.

Check out our risk purchasing group or contact us to learn more about the products and services we offer and the difference we provide in helping you service your professional clients.

Your Success, Our Mission:

At Alta Pro Insurance, we’re dedicated to helping you reach new heights of success. Partnering with our Non-Admitted Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance gives you the tools to thrive in a competitive insurance landscape and elevate your clients’ confidence in your expertise.

Unleash the Potential:

Join forces with us and unlock unparalleled opportunities for your clients. Get appointed with us today and see how our Non-Admitted Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance can transform your business.

Don’t settle for the ordinary – empower your clients with extraordinary coverage!

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