Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance

“Liberty Is the Right to Do What the Law Permits.”


Comprehensive Professional Liability Coverage Designed for Small or Mid-Size Law Firms

The Alta Pro Midwest Lawyers Professional Liability program is written with Wesco Insurance Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of AmTrust Financial Group, rated “A-” (Excellent) for financial strength and financial size category “XV” by A.M. Best. Forbes Magazine selected AmTrust as the Best-Managed Company in the U.S. insurance industry in their December 29, 2014 issue.

Alta Pro is proud to be able to partner with a quality carrier like Wesco to offer a program for lawyers professional liability insurance.

Our Lawyers Professional Liability Program Is Available In These States:

Broad Definition of Insured
  • Includes Of Counsel and Independent Contractors
Broad Definition of Legal Services
  • Includes services performed for others … where the fee inures to the benefit of the firm
  • Includes pro bono work
Clear Duty to Defend Intentional Acts
  • Provides defense of intentional acts until they are so adjudged
Coverage for Innocent Insureds
Automatic 30 Day Extended Reporting Period
Free Unlimited ERP (Tail) Endorsement for Death, Disability or
  • Retirement from private practice, after only three years with the company, and no age restriction
$100,000 Attorney Discipline Defense, in addition to policy limits
$500 per day/$10,000 per Insured/$50,000 annual aggregate for attendance at legal proceedings at Company request, in addition to policy limits $5,000 in Subpoena Assistance, in addition to policy limits
Coverage Options Available:
  • Zero deductible
  • Aggregate deductible
  • Career coverage is available, subject to underwriting
  • First Dollar Defense
  • Claims Expense in Addition to Policy Limits
  • Limits up to $10,000,000
Risk Management Consulting
Claim Repair Hotline

The Alta Pro Midwest Lawyers Program writes firms from sole practitioners to firms with up to 100 lawyers. We do not insure firms that practice predominantly in admiralty, patent or securities law. We carefully evaluate firms that regularly engage in large exposure matters involving large business transactions, personal injury and class action litigation, and high exposure divorce and estate planning and resolution. For those firms that do not fit within the Alta Pro Midwest Lawyers Program with Wesco, Alta Pro offers several other highly rated insurance carriers. For hard to place firms, such as firms with adverse claims histories or high exposure areas of practice, Alta Pro Plus can provide solutions.

Firms insured in the Alta Pro Midwest Lawyer Program have access to two risk management and loss prevention tools.

Amtrust in partnership with the law firm of Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP, recognized as a national leader in representing lawyer and law firms, offers Wesco insureds access to:

The Lawyers’ Risk Management Web Site. The interactive website contains data bases that include many useful downloadable areas of information and related documents and forms.
Risk Management Hotline Consultation Services. The risk management hotline enables lawyers and law firms to consult with an experienced attorney from the law firm of Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP regarding risk management issues for up to four hours at no charge.
Electronic CLE Programs. About 50 CLE webcast programs provided by Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP are available to each insured of Amtrust at no cost through the Wesco Legal Ed Center.
Newsletters and Email Alerts. Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP’s newsletter, Lawyer’s Lawyer, is published about six times per year and can be sent electronically to each insured of Amtrust.

As An Added Benefit, Insureds Are Enrolled in Our Risk Purchasing Group

Alta Pro provides extensive risk management products and services for the benefit of our independent agents and their policyholders. Alta Pro provides real assistance in avoiding claims with a full time, dedicated Claim Repair Service. Alta Pro insureds can call or email us for advice, counsel and help in evaluating potential issues and dealing with problems or errors that might lead to a claim. The focus of this service is to provide a resource to our program members when situations arise that could lead to a claim. In addition, Alta Pro provides:

CLE Granting Webinars

Policyholders enjoy easy access to webinars produced in-house by Alta Pro and through partnerships we have with various great CLE course producers.

Claims Repair Hotline

Insureds can call our ProLink claim repair hotline to get advice about what to do before and during the claim process.

Discounted Practice Management Software

Easily manage a results-driven law firm with these discounted options for CLIO Legal Practice Management Software. A great benefit for your clients.

Tax Savings Analysis and Business Plan Development

Policyholders have access to our partner service that provides free tax saving analysis and business plan development assistance.

Risk Management Portal

We’ve built a treasure trove of risk management related articles and handouts to help your clients avoid common pitfalls.

Check out our risk purchasing group or contact us to learn more about the products and services we offer and the difference we provide in helping you service your professional clients.