Alta Pro's Insurance Programs

Alta Professional Insurance Services Agency, LLC, (Alta Pro) provides innovative, intelligent, professional insurance underwriting, claims, risk management, product development, and sales and marketing services to our clients using state of the art information technology. Alta Pro adheres to the highest standards of ethics and integrity to achieve superior results for our clients. Led by experienced program administrators who know their clients’ insureds and the carriers’ appetites, we continue to expand our program offerings across the U.S. 

General Business Insurance

These policies protect the insured's business from the risk of being faced with unforeseen legal or medical fees.

Cyber Liability Insurance

This coverage protects the insured from hacking and data breaches. Enable insureds to get back in business quickly after a cyber attack.

Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance

This essential coverage protects the insured's business from potential liability resulting from an error or omission in performing your professional services.

Miscellaneous Professionals Liability Insurance

Essential E&O coverage for various professionals like advertising, promotion and marketing professionals, graphic desigers, executive recruiters, and more!

Title Agents Errors & Omissions Insurance

Titles Agents Errors & Omissions coverage applies to claims made against the insureds by reason of a negligent act, error or omission in the performance of professional services.