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Frequently Asked Questions

A few of the common questions we get from our producer partners answered below.

Fax your application to (734)786-0067, or email it to

Yes, as long as it is a new business application and our prior to binding requirements are met. While we prefer our program application, we can quote and bind from almost any other new business application. We can give you an indication of premium from any renewal app or indication form.

This is agency bill, which means you collect the gross premium and remit to AltaPro net of your commission. Your client will not receive any direct bills or communications from us.

Yes. In fact, you will receive the insured’s copy along with an invoice via email. You can print and deliver in your agency folder, or you can email it directly to your insured. You won’t receive any paper.

Yes. If we do not already have it on file, we will send out a packet of information that we will need: a completed and signed producer agreement, W9, and E&O certificate.

We will send you a packet with the Alta Pro application, supplements, and marketing materials upon request, or you can download application forms from our website.

CorePointe Insurance Company, part of the AmTrust Financial Group, rated A(Excellent) XV by A.M. Best) has been our carrier partner on this program since 2011. The main reason we chose to work with CorePointe and AmTrust is because we are impressed with the quality of their leadership, their vision, their intelligent approach to the market, and their integrity. With over $3 billion in policyholder surplus, AmTrust provides the financial security our program members require. With your help, Alta Pro will continue to make this a successful and profitable program, and together, we’ll build a program that will be best in class.

We will send you a packet with the policy specimen upon request, or you can download the specimen policy from our website.

In addition to comprensive coverage and competitive premiums, members of the Alta Pro LPL Program benefit from access to not one, but two Risk Management and Claim Repair programs. Alta Pro provides unlimited access to our in house claim repair and risk management consultant. In addition, program members have access to up to four hours of consultation with senior members of Hinshaw & Culbertson through a toll free and confidential risk management hotline, as well as access to their state of the art risk management website. There, members can download samples of engagement letters, checklists for client screening, self audit forms, and many other useful forms and articles.

The Alta Pro LPL Program provides members with one of the most comprehensive coverage forms available in the insurance marketplace. Refer to the policy form for the actual terms and conditions. Policy features include:

Defense for Intentional Acts

Provides defense to innocent insureds and the insured accused of wrongdoing until the dishonest or fraudulent act has been determined by adjudication.

Career Coverage

Provides protection for legal services over an insured’s entire career, subject to underwriting guidelines.

Consent to Settle

The consent of the Named Insured is required to settle a claim. Even if consent is withheld, the Company will pay for half of the claim expenses incurred subsequent to the refusal.

Deductible Reduced by Mediation

If a claim is resolved within six months by formal mediation, the deductible is reduced by 50% or $12,500, whichever is less.

Automatic Extended Reporting Period

In event of cancellation or nonrenewal, an automatic 30 day Extended Reporting Period will be provided at no additional cost.

Special defense expense benefit for disciplinary actions

This unique feature provides up to $100,000 per policy period, with no deductible, for fees incurred in defending a disciplinary proceeding.

Unlimited “tail” available at no additional charge for death, disability or retirement

Provided the insured has no other available insurance coverage, an unlimited extended reporting period is issued and the premium and deductible waived if an Insured lawyer: – Dies; or – Becomes totally and permanently disabled and unable to practice law; or – If after three continuous years as an insured retires from the practice of law, regardless of age.

Pro Bono coverage

Insureds are covered for their Pro Bono work.

Broad Insured Definition

Definition of Insured includes current firm members and new firm members hired during the policy period. Of counsel and independent contractors are included for acts on behalf of the Named Insured firm.

Subpoena Assistance

Provides for up to $25,000 in legal expense in any matter where a policyholder is called to testify as a witness when the policyholder is not a party in the litigation and has not been retained to testify or give advice.

Loss of Earnings coverage

Provides for reimbursement of expenses up to $500 per day, $10,000 per claim, $50,000 aggregate for attendance at trial or court ordered hearing at the Company’s request.

Worldwide Coverage

The Company may elect to defend and settle claims anywhere in the world.


Yes. Refer to the policy form for the actual terms and conditions. The Alta Pro LPL Program offers the following optional coverage extensions subject to underwriting approval:

Career prior acts coverage

Subject to underwriting guidelines, the policy can be endorsed to include career prior acts coverage for individual lawyers.

Unlimited “tail” available

Optional unlimited Extended Reporting Period (“tail”) coverage can be purchased to extend the claim reporting period.

Claim expense outside policy limits

Coverage can be endorsed to provide for claim expense in addition to the policy limits.

First dollar defense

This option allows for the deductible amount to apply only to damages paid under the policy.

Zero deductible

Insureds may have the option to purchase coverage without a deductible.

Mutual Selection of Counsel

The Company may appoint counsel with the consent of the Insured.

Aggregate deductible

Insureds who elect to retain a deductible can limit their exposure to a maximum deductible amount within a single policy period.

No. However, Alta Pro can provide premium financing with low down payments at market competitive interest rates.