Honoring All Who Served

Memorial Day 2020 will be unlike any Memorial Day I recall.  I live in a small town, and the annual parade down Main Street followed by the haunting melody of the two bugles calling Taps at the local cemetery will not happen.  The Indianapolis 500, a Memorial Day weekend tradition for the last 104 years, will not happen.  Backyard gatherings with family and friends will not happen.  Life as we have known it has been placed on hold as we do our part to fight a new, unseen foe. 

Even in these times of social distancing, we can still celebrate some of our Memorial Day traditions.  For me, it will be watching Saving Private Ryan (again), the best Memorial Day movie ever made.  I will read the Gettysburg Address (again), the finest tribute to fallen American heroes ever written.  Last but not least, I will plant my garden (again) in anticipation of a splendid, if too short, Michigan summer.    

On this Memorial Day, I hope you are able to celebrate your traditions (again).  All of us at Alta Pro wish all of you a Happy Memorial Day.

Pam Allen is the founder and president of Alta Pro Insurance Services.