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Webinar: Chapter 4: Cyber Security Best Practices for your Law Firm in 2021, March 23rd, 2021 @ 12PM C.S.T.

Jamey Davidson is a Partner in our Chicago office.  Jamey has a very diversified practice.  He often represents nursing homes and extended care facilities in cases regarding the care and treatment of residents as well as physicians and hospitals in medical malpractice cases.  Further, Jamey represents insurance companies as well as their insureds in Cyber Liability matters wherein he acts as Breach Coach and Privacy Counsel to Law Firms and other professional organizations to assist in responding to cyberattacks and cyber threats.  Further, he acts as monitoring counsel for domestic and London based cyber and professional liability carriers for mattes all over the country.  Jamey also routinely represents condominium associations and other common interest community associations and their board members in both a general counsel capacity as well as defense counsel.  Additionally, Jamey represents lawyers, accountants, real estate agents and brokers and all other types of professionals in professional liability matters and counsels employers and individuals in employment and commercial disputes.

Nathan Little is the Vice President of Digital Forensics and Incident Response and Partner at Tetra Defense. He leads the incident response and data breach investigation team. Tetra provides cybersecurity, incident response, digital forensics, and data recovery services to legal and insurance professionals, corporate IT departments, in-house security teams, law enforcement, and everything in between from its headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin.

Nathan and his team specialize in stopping ongoing incidents, finding the root cause of security incidents, determining the exact actions of malware and attackers, and drastically lowering the volume of data that needs to be included in breach notifications using forensic artifacts left behind on the network, servers, and devices involved. Some of the most common cases Nathan’s team encounters are related to HIPAA security incident investigations, business email compromise, financial data theft, insider threat investigations, employee data theft, wire transfer fraud, and more. Nathan’s unique experience writing digital forensics and data recovery software allow him to find and recover data and forensic artifacts that may otherwise go unfound.

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